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Love this lighted branch! Very sturdy. Lights are actually soft yellow but photographed white. Branches are bendable and came be positioned as you like

very beautiful as well as the picture

it's really actually a big size and super cute I will be buying 2 more!

Very suitable as a gift

Very atmospheric! Spray a little perfume on your feathers and fall asleep quickly

I just won this and I have two now,very happy with

it's really actually a big size and super cute I will be buying 2 more!

I brought two of these, one for the living room and the other for the bedroom. They are amazing. I absolutely love them. I am not sure if the temp tells the outside or not because it's different then the temp outside. But all in all, it's an awesome product. It's a great size and the light is good as well.

I love it, it has two types of schedules, it shows the real weather status, it is impressive, it shows temperature, it has an alarm, I liked it so much that I vomited three more for gifts (one gray, white and one black) I gave one to a friend and she was super happy

No matter how you put it, it looks good

beautiful when lit, great to shape anyway you want plugs in which I wanted and just you a timer with the outlet some comes on and off when you want.

So cute, has multiple light settings. Difficult to hang up but well worth it.

With these lights I actually didn't know they flashed different flashes I thought it was only one stay on light. So it will be perfect Christmas

very nice I like it a lot.10/10 Highly recommend

Very useful,Very nice quality.Very nice clock!Nice Product !!Very useful very nice guy thank you I love it I love it

I received my feather lamp today and it is so beautiful.

I‘’m planning to give a Christmas tree to my best friend. I love it so much. When is Christmas? I can‘’t wait to give it to her.

So cute, it looks like a Christmas tree when closed, and it looks like a scented candle when opened.

I finally pulled the trigger and purchased, every time I walk past I smile with no regrets. Amazing how these pieces can bring me such joy and peace! I have found my 9 year old son stopping and studying my set. It has opened great conversations about true meaning of Christmas! I alsoRead more about I have been looking at Willow Tree purchased the Journey ornament, 2023 has been a tuff year full and learning the definition of grace daily. For me this ornament represents the journey and future.

100% love it, but would like it better in different colors not just brown, the light works beautifully, would like to buy more but maybe in white.

Accurate, using for Christmas

I haven't had time to program it properly.
but time and date is done.
so much information in real time.
back lit LED colour display, as you can tell .
gives the work desk the look I wanted in the first a space ship, information all within a quick glance, FYI - Australia can reach temperature of over 40+ degrees, for months, the weather changes frequently, and it can give me information on current and future projected weather activity.
without using the computer, to go into weather computer based activity.

When you first receive the feathers, you need to adjust them, and then they will become beautiful.